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As of January 1, 2008, Union General Hospital became a tobacco-free campus. This means that the use of any tobacco products including cigarettes, cigars, pipe or chew tobacco and any smokeless tobacco-related products are prohibited anywhere on the campus. The campus is defined as any building owned or occupied by Union General Hospital. This includes the Union General Physician’s Clinic, Union General Rural Health Clinic, Union Clinic of Marion, parking lots, driveways, vestibules, private sidewalks, entranceways and private vehicles while parked on Union General Hospital’s property.

We are committed to providing a healing environment and promoting good health to the community. Our tobacco-free policy is one more way  Union General Hospital team shows dedication to providing exceptional patient care. This policy is intended to create a healthier environment for everyone that comes to receive care, visit a patient or work.

We understand this may be difficult for many individuals that come to our hospital. At Union General Hospital, we are committed to providing support to our visitors, employees and patients with additional resources. If you are interested in quitting, free support is available by calling the Louisiana smoking cessation Helpline, 1-800–QUIT-NOW (1-800-784-8669) or visiting www.LaTobaccoControl.com

If you use tobacco-related products and are coming to the hospital for any reason:

Please check with your health care provider and/or physician about nicotine replacement options such as gum, patches and lozenges that can assist you.

If you use tobacco-related products and are being admitted to the hospital following an Emergency Room visit:

If you are visiting or escorting a loved one and use any type of tobacco-related products:
Please remember that the use of any tobacco-related product is prohibited anywhere on campus. This includes the Medical Office Building located next to the hospital.

If you are interested in quitting, free support is available by calling the Louisiana smoking cessation Helpline 1-800–QUIT-NOW (1-800-784-8669) or visiting www.LaTobaccoControl.com

We respect the right of those who will continue to use tobacco products but we appreciate your cooperation as we provide a healthy and healing environment.

Union General Hospital is Tobacco-free

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